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On the following pages we hope to provide as much information about services and programs provided by each county in South Carolina as possible.  If you discover a resource, program, or service you would like to see added or would like to send us a correction, please e-mail the information to us for inclusion. Just click on the mail box below.

Our Mission:

NEXUSkids is dedicated to connecting people to resources for the purpose of helping children and families achieve success.


Our Vision:

Seeing the world through the eyes of a child; promoting resources to serve children's best interests.



Company Profile:

We are a Total Volunteer Organization

Lead Volunteers -

Jutta K. Young


David Fellows



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This web site is paid for exclusively by donations.

All donations are 100% used in the service of families and children.

No salaries or staff expenses are paid for out of the donations.

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Please feel free to contact us by way of e-mail.

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